Head of brand content at Net-a-Porter

My second role at Net-a-Porter was Head of Brand Content, a maternity cover stint focusing on selling via site content and marketing activity.

Post merger, YNAP was more focused than ever on the editorial voice of the 16 year-old Net-a-Porter site, providing a familiar, luxurious environment that envelops the world’s top spenders on luxury fashion in a style and tone they recognise.

Challenger brands are emerging constantly so all brand touch points are considered in this role meaning that my team and I had to create a seamless voice from events to gifts, sale shopping to pre-ordering the new season.

Editing the messaging for Michele Alessandro’s Gucci for Net-a-Porter collection (as seen in the campaign image above with creative direction by Jon Wetherell) was a highlight as was Prada, the biggest ever designer to launch on Net-a-Porter.

Senior Global Managing Copy Editor – Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter, The Outnet

Four days a week I was in the office at the Net-a-Porter Group leading the product editorial teams in the UK and US in English, German and French. I then lead this team through the merger with Yoox to become YNAP.

I had the responsibility of managing 98 people in this maternity cover role that combined luxury fashion, beauty, technology and editorial.

But what are we doing this year while I have the pleasure of working in the famous black and white themed offices? I’m going to download every best practice principles I’ve developed as an editor and hone what the three channels I work on do best – Net-a-porter, The Outnet and Mr Porter.

We brought fragrance writing to life on Net-a-porter, evoking the emotions of a scent. We launched beauty on TheOutnet. And we launch BMW on Mr Porter.

Social Media Consulting For Parenting Stores and Brands

Over the last year I’ve been lucky enough to be called in to consult on a range of parenting stores, children’s skincare products and in-store publications. I love this kind of work, and I’m always open to more of it.

Part of my new-found experience of being a parent plus 16 years in media and several in premium fashion, has added up to some quite useful insight into parents’ needs, how modern parents use social media and content.

Some of the work I do with these brilliant and inquisitive clients includes:
Finding the right social influencers in parenting tribes
Sense-checking parent-focused content and ideas generated by non-parents
Content calendars that match the parenting year
Commissioning creators

I’ve always believed that the most effective social media campaigns have to be nuanced, and authentic to be believable and accepted, and as my work seems to win client pitches, I think good brands recognise that too.

Huffington Post branded content/native advertising

The branded content team at AOL/Huffington Post creates native advertising that fits with reader expectations within every part of the business.

Since December 2014 I’ve worked on creating and commissioning branded content that works for client brands and readers including the Amoy Feasts on the Street original video series produced with Contented, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 People of Note original video campaign produced with Stepping Stone and the Haagen Dazs Month of Kinship campaign with video from The School of Life.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 editorial integration

Haagen Dazs month of kinship sponsored section

Amoy Feasts on the Street video series and sponsored section

Kin Magazine contributor

With a background as a technology editor, a nose for amazing women doing great things at work, and a new role as a parent, I profiled Digital Mums HQ for issue 3 of the Mamas and Papas in-house magazine Kin. Out now (April 2015) in Mamas and Papas stores in London.

Kin Magazine issue 3 cover


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.59.26 PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.59.35 PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.59.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.59.57 PM




Freelance content consulting

Melanie Hick content consultant

Everyone with a digital space feels they need content. But do you? And how should you do it? What will it mean to your user and what will make people get excited about it?

After nine years in editorial leadership positions, this is now what I consult on – content strategy, social strategy, SEO, video and editorial content, paid strategy, influencer reach out, partnerships and co-creation.

Watch me yacking on about it at Digital Shoreditch 2013. In this talk I cover the basics of why people care about your content.

I work with companies large and small to deliver content that solves real user problems. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of successful content – solving real problems and doing it well.


District MTV: a look at the look

District MTV lived in the minds of many at MTV for years before it launched in mid 2012 to serve advertiser needs at BeViacom – Viacom’s creative sales arm. And ambitious project for a legacy brand that needed a premium fashion space, it brought together the best of web designer, product, editorial and art. Like MTV’s Swatch Playground before it, District was closed and now lives on as the style blog MTV style international. Here’s what it looked like while it lived. And here’s the link to view the District MTV origin site.

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