Mumspo is a resource of creative inspiration for mums started by me, a mum who was on maternity leave for the first time.

Each Monday I published a new interview with an amazing mum.

As I prepared for maternity leave for the first time plenty of people warned me that I’d get pretty bored if I just stayed home. They knew me well, and they were right. So I started to look around at other mums and the creative projects they got up to on maternity leave, and then as their kids grew older. I found a lot of inspiration, but I also found these great stories weren’t gathered in one place. And so Mumspo was born.

Creativity as a mum can be something as small as planting a seed right up to launching your own business. We all know that creating an entire human person is creativity enough, but if you’re a little bit like me, it helps to see that someone, somewhere manages to not just get washed and dressed by mid-day (a major achievement) but finds something great to do with their time.


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Secret WWII Enigma Codebreaking Docs Revealed

A top secret report on the full extent of Bletchley Park's involvement in cracking the Nazi enigma code in WWII has been released.

The report, written in four parts by four authors writing with no knowledge of each other's work and which reveals highly-advanced code-breaking skills, has been made public after 66 years of top secret "ultra" classification.

Simon Greenish, CEO of Bletchley Park National Code Centre said: "This extraordinary document was kept under wraps for 66 years, because the code breaking techniques used by the team at Bletchley Park to crack the Nazi enigma codes were so advanced that it was relevant for codebreakers until very recently. Bletchley Park was decades ahead of its time."

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